Many of us would like to run full clinical trials on our development work, but few can afford a Randomized Controlled Trial, both for its costs and the duration before findings can be confirmed. We have developed a financial diaries methodology that delivers data on impact at reasonable cost with findings coming available on a rolling basis while the research is implemented over 6 to 12 months.

The financial diaries methodology allows:

Understanding clients You will learn how your clients perceive your services, why they adopt these services and how your services become part of their financial behavior.

Measuring adoption over time We track in detail how usage of the services develops. Do the clients deposit more and more in their new account? Do some clients stop using the service? What triggers them to stop?

Comparing clients to a control group We will track both your clients and non-clients over the same period of time. The change in your clients when they start using your services may be useful to know, but conclusions about your programme’s effectiveness can only be drawn when you can demonstrate significant difference with non-clients. L-IFT can also track two types of clients, for example clients with only a service and clients with a service and a training course.The time required for this research is reasonable, as compared to most alternatives.

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