A data portal is a web-based platform that allows users to access, explore, and visualize various types of data. A data portal can provide insights into different domains, such as finance, health, education, environment, and more. A data portal can also enable users to interact with the data, such as filtering, sorting, aggregating, or downloading it for further analysis.

L-IFT’s data portal is a wonderful resource for people who want to learn more about the lives and aspirations of low-income people around the world. L-IFT’s data portal showcases the results of longitudinal research projects that track the financial and social behavior of low-income households over time. L-IFT’s data portal allows users to see how low-income people cope with shocks, plan for the future, access financial services, and improve their well-being.

L-IFT’s data portal is not only informative but also engaging and user-friendly. Users can easily navigate through the different projects, countries, and indicators on the data portal. Users can also customize their own dashboard, where they can select and compare the indicators that interest them the most

L-IFT’s data portal is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to understand the complex and dynamic realities of low-income people. By accessing L-IFT’s data portal, users can gain a deeper and richer perspective on the challenges and opportunities that low-income people face every day.


How to Use L-IFT’s Data Portals 


Portal List

Country: Uganda                             

Research Description: RISE research is implemented by L-IFT and PHB for OBUL and FINCA, commissioned by Opportunity International. The financial service providers wanted to serve refugees with appropriate services and match the priorities of refugees’ livelihoods. Access the data portal here.




Country: Nigeria|Senegal|Morocco                              

Research Description: A Scale2Save is a project implemented by World Savings and Retail Banking Institute in partnership with the MasterCard Foundation.Nigeria, Senegal, and Morocco. Access the data portal here.





Country: Myanmar                             

Research Description: A financial diaries study with women micro-entrepreneurs in Myanmar conducted for BRAC and MFIL. The diaries will reveal what women micro-entrepreneurs’ current pain points and priorities are. Access the data portal here.





Country: Uganda                               

Research Description: A research that would be publicly accessible to the entire financial and energy sectors. The surveys were designed in dialogue with interested actors. FEDU data are the go-to reference for those active on the ground. Access the data portal here.





Country: Ethiopia|Togo|Uganda|Ghana                                

Research Description: The MasterCard Foundation invited L-IFT to conduct in-depth research into youth livelihoods. This Youth Livelihoods Diaries combined research into youth’s ways of getting a job, starting a business, their activity in agriculture, and their financial behavior. Access the data portal here.




3W Project Portal

Country: Myanmar                                

Research Description: 3W is short for “What Women Want”. It is a financial diaries study for product development. product testing. early impact measurement, and customer satisfaction measurement. The implementation partners are BRAC and MFIL, with L-IFT being the main on-the-ground implementer. Access the data portal here.