L-IFT’s approach is centered around diaries research, which involves tracking and documenting detailed aspects of people’s lives that exhibit fluctuations. This approach enables L-IFT to design development interventions based on action research.


Diaries research conducted by L-IFT covers a range of areas, including financial, small firms, mixed livelihoods, energy, refugee, and migration diaries. The use of diaries research brings about various positive outcomes:

  1. Self-exploration and awareness: The research process itself serves as a means for respondents to explore and raise awareness about their own lives and circumstances.
  2. Skill development and career preparation: Researchers involved in diaries research gain valuable skills and prepare for rewarding careers while generating fine-grained data that is accessible to all.
  3. Informing financial inclusion: The data resulting from diaries research informs the understanding of financial inclusion and identifies shortcomings in financial services. This information can contribute to product development and improvement in financial services, as well as the livelihood equivalent for non-financial aspects.
  4. Impact measurement: Diaries research can be used to measure the impact of interventions and initiatives, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness and outcomes of various programs.

Overall, L-IFT’s diaries research approach facilitates self-awareness, skills development, product improvement, and impact measurement, enabling evidence-based decision-making and fostering positive change in the development sector.