What Women Want (3W) – 2017-18

Country: Myanmar                  Sample size: 800 respondents                Duration: 17 months

Research Description: A financial diaries study with women micro-entrepreneurs in Myanmar conducted for BRAC and MFIL. The diaries will reveal what women micro-entrepreneurs’ current pain points and priorities are. BRAC will use the information from the L-IFT diaries to design improved individual loans. MFIL They will use the financial diaries to develop both savings for micro entrepreneurs and new loan products. Access the data portal here.


Financial and Energy Diaries in Uganda (FEDU) – 2016-17

Country: Uganda                  Sample size: 588 respondents                Duration: 9 months

Research Description: While much research has been done in Uganda regarding access to finance and even access to energy, organisations active in this field do not have access to the required data easily. L-IFT decided to conduct research that would be publicly accessible to the entire financial and energy sectors. The surveys were designed in dialogue with interested actors, and as a result the FEDU data are the go-to reference for those active on the ground.


Assessment of Financial Capability of ePSNP Recipients in Ethiopia – 2016-17

Country: Ethiopia                  Sample size: 1000 respondents                Duration: 6 months

Research Description: The WorldBank supports the electronic payment of PSNP, a cash transfer programme in Ethiopia. With the help of L-IFT they wanted to assess the satisfaction of the recipients with the electronic payments and the financial capability of electronic recipients. A survey of over 1000 respondents randomly selected across four regions, Key Informant Interviews and focus group discussions resulted in a rich set of data and a WorldBank publication.


Transaction Tool

Assessment of Transaction Pools for Digital Financial Services in Ethiopia – 2016-17

Country: Ethiopia                  Sample size: 40 respondents                  Duration: 6 months

Research Description: EP hired L-IFT and PHB Development to supply the follow-on work of Ignacio Mas’s assignment for building Ethiopia’s digital financial services. The existing financial transaction pools and the possibility to turn them digital and estimates what is required to transform those with potential was assessed. Furthermore, the potential demand and drivers for adoption and rejection for certain types of digital services was studied.


School Project

School Finance – 2016

Country: Kenya                  Sample size: 90 schools                  Duration: 4 months

Research Description: Opportunity International supported a partner Microfinancing Institution in Kenya with expanding its EduFinance. They needed to understand what financial services schools currently use and what services they need. Based on a school survey and a survey among parents, L-IFT designed a cashless fee collection of a cash-flow management loan product.



Irrigation diaries for MicroInsurance Academy – 2016

Country: India                  Sample size: 420 respondents                  Duration: 4 months

Research Description: The MicroInsurance Academy in India had been collecting data on rain fall, irrigation and other agricultural practices and direct soil moisture measurements through diaries. MIA hired L-IFT to order all the available data, identify which data could be used, develop hypotheses regarding the potential correlations and test these correlations. L-IFT wrote the comprehensive research report suitable for peer review and academic publications.


Youth Livelihood

Youth Livelihoods Diaries – 2015-16

Country: Uganda and Ghana                  Sample size: 260 respondents                  Duration: 12 months

Research Description: The MasterCard Foundation invited L-IFT to conduct an in-depth research into youth livelihoods. This Youth Livelihoods Diaries combined research into youth’s ways of getting a job, starting a business, their activity in agriculture and their financial behaviour. The resulting data depict their mixed livelihoods: how young people achieve income from such a variety of sources and how their life consists of a multitude of different activities, cobbling a living together from different sources. Read more >>



Youth Start impact assessment through financial diaries research – 2014-15

Country: Ethiopia and Togo                  Sample size: 280 respondents                  Duration: 9 months

Research Description: YouthStart is a large project implemented by UNCDF in partnership with the MasterCard Foundation with 11 MFI partners in 10 countries. The programme reached 400,000 youth with savings accounts. L-IFT conducted a detailed impact research into the project’s beneficiaries and made recommendations for improvement. The research also provided a deeper understanding of the youth it targeted regarding their behaviour, attitudes, skills and knowledge.