ghana1.1 Financial Diaries

This research methodology consists of interviewing the same respondents over a longer period of time on financial aspects such as income, expenditures, savings, loans and emergencies. Read more >


Livelihoods Diaries

Livelihoods vary greatly depending on the season and circumstances. On request of the MasterCard Foundation L-IFT adapted the diaries methodology for researching livelihoods. Read more >


Energy Diaries

L-IFT’s energy diaries investigate people’s energy usage and particularly enable us to compare clean energy usage to usage of traditional energy forms. Read more >



SME Diaries

SME diaries tracks SMEs over time through interviews every other week. It looks at the SME from three perspectives: i. the owner or manager, ii. an employee, iii. the customers. Read more >


Agricultural value chain diaries

The agricultural value chain diaries focus on the various actors’ experiences in the value chain, i.e. their interaction with their suppliers and their clients. Read more >


Self diaries

Self-diaries are offered as a service through which individuals can themselves report about different aspects of their lives, such as their financial lives, their livelihoods, their energy. Read more >



Impact measurement

We have a fully developed methodology to help businesses and organisations evaluate their programme’s beneficiaries as compared to a control group by using the financial diaries methodology. Read more >