Week 1

Topic: Using diaries for flood survivors.

Week 2

Topic: How Anne Marie Van Swinderen herself is using our product, the FINBIT app, to stay on top of L-IFT’s activities and finances.

Week 3

Topic: The Poverty Stoplight, how we can integrate that into our FINBIT app, and how we can use it to help micro-entrepreneurs.

Week 4

Topic: The hidden advantage of the laborious back-and-forth process of checking data integrity.

Week 5

Topic: SafeSave, an initiative that aims to ensure that its participants save money efficiently and safely.

Week 6

Topic: An innovation that integrates our FINBIT app and agriculture.

Week 7

Topic: Our FINBIT app is not just a data recording tool, but also a problem-solving tool.

Week 8

Topic: Data Emancipation.

Week 9

Topic: The Netherlands: companies are obliged to verify the ESG of their supply chains.

Week 10

Topic: To fully know women’s situation you also need to have data on men.

Week 11

Topic: Using the FINBIT app in tandem with agricultural and educational apps.

Week 12

Topic: L-IFT data debunks financial myths.

Week 13

Topic: Anne Marie Van Swinderen talks about the new job title, “Financial Diarist”.

Week 14

Topic: Diaries in emergency situations.

Week 15

Topic: The fast feedback loop of the diaries research methodology.

Week 16

Topic: Why we were invited to the FinDev Gateway workshop about Using Financial Diaries to Analyze the Women’s Market.

Week 17

Topic: Takeaways from the CGAP FinEquityTools Workshop on using financial diaries for financial product development for women.

Week 18

Topic: School businesses using FINBIT and how that would benefit women and communities as a whole.

Week 19

Topic: Active involvement of partners in the diaries research process is crucial for the assurance of high-quality results.

Week 20

Topic: FINBIT helps small business owners track customer credit.

Week 21

Topic: Misconceptions regarding self-reported data.

Week 22

Topic: Ethics of reporting back to the participants

Week 23

Topic: Data Empowered Employable young People (DEEP)

Week 24

Topic: Youth Conference: How L-IFT can benefit youth organizations.

Week 25

Topic: Problems with data technology, and how FINBIT avoided these problems.

Week 26

Topic: Using artificial intelligence to write summaries of meetings.

Week 27

Topic: Maritime Diaries

Week 28

Topic: FINBIT helps Small and Growing Businesses in impact measurement and enhancing visibility to financial services.

Week 29

Topic: How startups, politicians, freelancers, and small NGOs can benefit from Startup Diaries Interviews.

Week 30

Topic: Using FINBIT to solve Maritime Staffing Challenges.

Week 31

Topic: Our Humanitarian Aid Conference

Week 32

Topic: Technology and digitization being welcomed in complex countries like Somalia.

Week 33

Topic: Our approach to blending diaries and FINBIT in major proposals focusing on Education and Climate Adaptation.

Week 34

Topic: Anne talks about her friend using FINBIT to track her process of changing her house into an energy-efficient household.

Week 35

Topic: Our interactions with the microfinance institutions we approached for collaboration.

Week 36

Topic: Our exciting collaborations with major microfinance umbrellas. They’re embracing FINBIT’s technology advantages, driving progress, and shaping the future of their members.

Week 37

Topic: The remarkable journey of a Congolese refugee who participated in one of our very first FINBIT data collections in Nakivale.

Week 38

Topic: Anne’s inspiring experience at the Aflatoun conference.

Week 39

Topic: The profound implications of the new EU Directive, CSDDD (Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Duty).

Week 40

Topic: About our recent highlight at the European Microfinance Week!

Week 41

Topic: Anne reflects on the collaborative spirit in technology. FINBIT invites fellow apps that need a record-keeping aspect to join hands.

Week 42

Topic: Anne talks about the role that FINBIT can have in addressing climate change.

Week 43

Topic: Anne talks about her conversation with a Dutch trade union supporting low- and middle-income countries’ trade unions.

Week 44

Topic: Anne talks about the rising demand for ‘impact measurement’ from organizations.

Week 45

Topic: Anne talks about the implementation of Staff Diaries among L-IFT staff.

Week 46

Topic: Anne talks about how we have been contacted by two journalists planning to use our Diaries approach to get in-depth insights from people living in hard-to-reach places.