L-IFT identifies misunderstood needs of low-income people through a unique research of repeat interviews which enables evidence-driven decision making. Read about the origins of our mission >


To set up self-sustaining diaries research facilities in 10 countries by end of 2020.

Strategic direction

L-IFT is a for-profit social business. The company specializes in a diaries research methodology that can be applied to a range of purposes, such as impact measurement, product development, customer satisfaction gauging, and programme design. L-IFT is primarily focused on financial inclusion, digital finance and strengthening the financial sector of the countries where it works. L-IFT also has expertise and is building data in the fields of energy, livelihoods, youth, entrepreneurship, SME development and the intersection of health and financial management.

Key concepts

  • Value for money
  • Those who contribute to the process benefit from the process
  • Open-source data as a utility service
  • Continuously building evidence
  • Helping communities learn from data
  • Training youth to be customer centric
  • Building skills for serving low-income people
  • Young, local people get work-experience
  • Respondents building self-awareness and confidence