L-IFT’s mission is to empower low-income communities through technology-led diaries research, enabling evidence-based policy design and service delivery. By bringing data empowerment to these communities, we aim to drive positive change and improve their financial, social, and work lives. Read about the origins of our mission >


Our vision is a world where disadvantaged communities have access to and benefit from data about their financial, social, and work situations. We believe that by providing communities with data, we can contribute to their empowerment and enable them to make informed decisions for a better future.

Strategic direction

L-IFT is a for-profit social business that specializes in utilizing the diaries methodology for various purposes. Initially focused on financial inclusion and digital finance, we have expanded our expertise to include energy, livelihoods and value chains, youth, entrepreneurship, SME development, and the intersection of health and financial management. Through our data-driven approach, we aim to support impact measurement, product development, customer satisfaction assessment, and program design in these areas.