Anne Marie van Swinderen

Founder and Managing Director

Anne Marie is the founder of L-IFT BV. She has been active in financial inclusion for over 25 years. She brings along experience in numerous projects: agricultural and cooperative finance in Zambia, microfinance outreach in Bolivia, financial diaries in Colombia, studies about demand for mobile financial services, product development for mobile financial services in Ethiopia and youth financial diaries in Togo and Ethiopia.

Jose Vahl

Country Director L-IFT Myanmar

Jose Vahl is currently directing L-IFT’s business growth in Myanmar from 1 project with 800 respondents and 40 researchers in 4 geographical areas to a country wide program. She has been 4 years in Myanmar now, arrived as country director for an NGO, and proceeded with consulting numerous projects. She brings along years of experience in Local Economic Development and Business Development, Value Chain Analyses and Women Economic Empowerment.


Minh Deo 

Video Maker

Minh has been working as a videomaker for L-IFT since 2015. She holds a master’s degree in modern languages and discovered her passion for content creation while travelling the world.




Haimanot Yibeltal

Technology Manager

Haimanot Yibeltal Tiruneh has studied Mathematics and Physics at Manhattanville College in New York and has experience in CAPI software for financial diaries research, video making, technology management and data base design. He is particularly experienced in quality management through technology. He is the Technology Manager at L-IFT in charged of data management, technology and logic responsibilities.


Theresa Thin

Programme Officer

Theresa is L-IFT’s Programme Officer in Myanmar. She is responsible for coaching and supervising the field supervisors and researchers for the “What Women Want” programme. She also liaises with the partner microfinance institutions. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics of Dagon University and a Diploma in Business Management from De La Salle of St. Benedict College. Before coming to L-IFT she was a Marketing Executive in Export/Import of Golden Land Express Company.


Mahlet Alemayehu 

Programme Officer

Mahlet Alemayehu has 5 years’ experience in project management, proposal formulation, administration and human resources. She is expert in data processing for financial diaries and data interpretation. Mahlet is Programme Officer at L-IFT in charge of reporting, administration and data analysis.

Frehiwot Sinishaw

Programme Assistant

Frehiwot Sinishaw has a Master’s degree in Public International Law at Addis Ababa University Law school. She is one of our Programme Assistants based in Ethiopia. She is in charge of logistic works, report and proposal writing, data processing and field supervision.



Mekdes Hailegiorgis

Programme Assistant

Mekdes Hailegiorgis has an MSC in Business Economics. She is a Programme Assistant and is involved in administrative tasks such as financial reporting, data management, organizing field work and report writing.


John Kamau

 Data Expert 

John Kamau has a degree in economics from The University of Nairobi and have certificates in CPA 1 and 2 and is currently enrolled in a masters of economics at the same university. He has experience in accounting, operations, innovation and data. He was previously working as a data scientist in Umati capital with the main role of creating machine learning models for credit scoring and fraud detection. He is proficient in R, Excel, Python, SQL as well in web development in flask and Django. 


                 Marcienne Umubyeyi

 Programme Manager

Marcienne Umubyeyi is L-IFT Programme Manager and was engaged as a coordinator of the Livelihood Diaries in Ghana and Uganda. She has 14 years’ experience in financial inclusion and entrepreneurship, youth training, project formulation and implementation.