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Can you manage a team of young trainees who will support micro entrepreneurs?
Can you help us identify some 10 to 15 young school leavers who want to gain experience, skills and knowledge?


The programme we want to set up

FINBIT is an EU based company that has already gained substantial traction in 13 countries globally. Its bookkeeping and record keeping system enables micro-businesses to get a better grip on their finances and business decisions. The FINBIT also offers business analytics. This approach has shown to increase women micro-enterprises to become 25 percent[1] more profitable than peers who did not receive the two interventions.

We now want to roll out this approach to micro-businesses in one or several EU countries. We prioritize reaching micro-businesses that are relatively disadvantaged, run by women and/or by young people and/or by migrants or refugees and/or by minority groups.


We need feet on the ground to help us reach out to businesses and support them the first months

We plan to work with a team of 10 to 15 young people who will work as FINBIT coaches.  Their role is to approach businesses that are likely to benefit from our approach and explain to them how it will work. The FINBIT coach then supports and coaches those businesses that decide to adopt the FINBIT technology.


The role of your organisation

First of all, we hope your organisation will help us make a plan how to identify the team that we need on the ground.

Secondly, you could play a role to identify the individuals, e.g. by supporting us to interview and select the most suitable team.

Thirdly, you could help us with training the field team, particularly if you have a training room and have experience in training young people. We have the full training curriculum available.

Finally, if your organisation is interested to have a long-term role, you could appoint one staff as the supervisor of the field team, who will then monitor the progress of all team members on a daily basis. The supervisor will intensively coordinate with our team.


Your current programme and this programme may provide synergy

If your organisation has already trained young people, you may wish to approach your alumni or current participants and offer them this work.

You can also learn from working with us and decide to provide this approach at scale to businesses in your country. We can then develop the business model together with you. After all, the businesses likely improve their profits, so it is feasible for them to pay a modest user fee.


[1] New York University’s Financial Access Initiative conducted an RCT with six-hundred women retail businesses from May 2022 until August 2023. It found that only keeping books and records with FINBIT did not impact on profit, but combining it with a Business Analytics Statement resulted in the businesses to increase their profit by one-quarter on average.


Click here to apply  Deadline for application: 08 March 2024