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Position: Field Researcher (2 FR – SFD (Small Firm Diaries) and 1 FR- MR (Migrant/Remittances))

Location: Suva-Nausori corridor (made up of 3 municipalities of Suva, Nasinu and Nausori) based

Employment Type: Contractual, 14 months (2 positions), 7 months (1 position)

Experience: 0-2 years for Field Researcher

Education Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in field of economics, statistics, sociology, anthropology, development studies, psychology, entrepreneurship or a related field

Start date: end of March (Subject to final approval)


About the project

L-IFT (Low Income Financial Transformation) is a Netherlands based Research Company specialized in diaries research and human centric program design. L-IFT is partnering with New York University and the Australian National University to conduct two research projects, one on small enterprises using a diaries methodology and one on remittance senders and receivers. The research is about understanding small firms, investigating their cash-flows, and finding out factors and impediments to their growth, on the one hand, while understanding the financial flows of remittance senders (in Australia) and receivers is the other part of the project .

In Fiji, the study will be conducted in the Suva-Nausori corridor (made up of 3 municipalities of Suva, Nasinu and Nausori).

For this project, we are looking for highly motivated, qualified, and capable professionals to fill the post of Field Researchers (3 positions, based in Suva-Nausori corridor).


Job Description

Field Researcher:

The Field Researchers’ (SFD) main responsibility is to conduct interviews with small firms’ managers as well as some with employees, customers and suppliers in the assigned study area and provide daily reports including planning of the field work. The field researcher will be expected to adhere to all established ethical and survey protocols during the interviews and maintain excellent data quality. The Field Researcher for the Migrants/Remittances part will be interviewing household respondents, who receive remittances from someone who has migrated and is also in the survey but in Australia.

The Field Researchers’ work will start by preparing a census of small firms (FR-SFD)/households (FR-MR) according to specific criteria and in specific assigned locations. Based on the census, Field Researchers will conduct intake interviews on the basis of which the sample selection will be decided. After the initial period of doing the census and the intake, a final set of diaries respondents will be selected and each field researcher will be responsible for interviewing 15-25 firms/households weekly. For the small firm diaries research, the complete sample of research participants will be interviewed weekly for an entire year. While the remittances part of the research will be 6 months. The field researchers will ensure data quality as well as strict compliances to all ethical and survey protocols during the interviews and subsequent data management.

The Field Researcher shall be directly supervised and work closely with the Field Manager.  


Job Responsibilities:

The Field Researcher shall be required to:

  • Build rapport with diarists along with other soft skills
  • Administer research tools – how to ask questions, how to check completed diaries/data entered by diarists to identify issues
  • Administer qualitative interviews – art of probing, documenting information / insights
  • Troubleshoot minor issues

Essential Skills:

  • Bring or be willing to develop a good understanding of how small business functions in the country (ideally comes from small business owner’s family)
  • Has proven experience in quantitative and qualitative data collection. Experience of data collection through hand held devices (tab/ smartphone) is a plus.
  • Should have good written communications 
  • Should have good command of English and the relevant local language(s). 


How to apply:

To apply for this position, please complete the Job Application form on our website: (which strictly requires applicants to write their motivation for applying and upload their CV). Deadline for application is on 14 March 2022. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


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