Beza Teshome
From 2015-2019

Programme Assistant 

Beza Teshome has an MSC in Economic policy analysis. She was one of our Programme Assistant and supported the team members in data processing, fact-finding, administrative issues and report writing. Within L-IFT, she has also supported us as a research coordinator for a project with World Bank.


Maria Helmrich
From 2015-2019

Programme Assistant and Data Expert 

Maria Helmrich has an MSc in Business Information Management from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. In her studies she specialized in big data and business analytics, which provided her experience in R programming. Maria was Programme Assistant and data expert at L-IFT, charged with data processing, analysis of findings and report writing.

Moses Mburu
From 2016-2019


Moses Mburu has a BSc in Statistics from the School of Maths, University of Nairobi. He has joined our team as a statistician in 2016 after finishing his studies. He is specialized in R programming, machine learning, data visualization, SQL and Python. At L-IFT he took care of data analysis, survey design and report writing.

Eric Anjeo
From 2019-2021

Data Analyst

Eric Anjeo was L-IFT’s Data Analyst/statistician skilled in recording, interpreting and analyzing data in a fast-paced environment, advanced proficiency in all aspects of data analytics (data mining, data visualization, predictive modeling, machine learning, and time series analysis in Python and R). He is responsible for supporting research analysis and development processes. He has a bachelor degree in statistics from the University of Nairobi (UON).

Bezawit Hailegiorgis
From 2020-2021

Finbit Interim Manager

Bezawit Hailegiorgis was working as a Finbit Interim Manager in L-IFT. She holds a Masters degree in International Relations. She is experienced in Global and African Political Economy, International Relations, Political Affairs and Foreign Policy. She is interested in Social Enterprise, Financial Technology, Communication, Research, Saving Groups Technology, Economic & Financial Inclusion, Social Entrepreneurship, and Economic Empowerment

Andrew Magunda
From 2018-2023

Country Manager – L-IFT Uganda

Andrew Magunda is a researcher, monitoring and evaluation specialist with 14 years of experience in financial literacy programming and evaluation in East, Central and West Africa, mainly working on youth financial education and products, and adult rural saving initiatives. He was a Country Manager with L-IFT in Uganda and has worked on SEEP’s evaluation of the long-term performance and evolution of savings groups in Uganda and Mali and the Refugee Financial Diaries research project in Uganda. Read More>>

    He has led over 15 savings evaluations and has served on evaluation committees for Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference (USA) Aflatoun International (Holland).

Aschalew Worku
From 2021-2022

Project Manager

Aschalew Worku was working as a project manager in L-IFT. He has studied Economics and MBA. He has more than a decade of experience in conducting different types of research works in various sectors, i.e. social media, marketing, and economics. He is experienced in managing surveys, coordinating field activities, delivering training, data analysis, managing data, and report writing.

Behailu Getachew
From 2021-2022

Project Manager

Behailu Getachew was a Project Manager at L-IFT in charge of recruitment, managing, reporting, training and monitoring project implementation. He has B.Sc. in Applied Statistics and MBA (Master of Business Administration). He worked as a Project Manager on more than 10 Projects in Ethiopia where his overall role included leading qualitative and quantitative research; Manage overall data collection both in the lab and on the field;Read More>>
    Responsible for training data collection team, creating and monitoring protocol, budget management, tracking data collection progress and ensuring data quality. He has an experience in the area of Business Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation, Data Analysis and Research Data Supervision in different governmental and non-governmental organizations.

    Fanuel Sisay
    From 2021-2022

    Data Integrity Officer 

    Fanuel Sisay was a Data Integrity Officer at L-IFT in charge of routinely going through each data point to signal errors and inconsistencies then work closely and follow up with the Project managers to provide correct data. He has B.Sc. in Information Technology and Scientific Computing. He also has experience in testing the FINBIT application.

    Michael Asnake

    Android Developer

    Michael Asnake has a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Addis Ababa institute of Technology. He’s part of the Android development team based in Ethiopia. He has over 2 years of experience in Android and web development as a part-time developer, in freelance and as an intern. Currently, as a member of the team, he’s involved in the active development and maintenance of the android application.