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Category: Research and Development

Career Level: Junior level (no experience)

Employment Type: Contract for 7 months (15 January to 15 August 2022)

Salary: 120USD plus travel and mobile phone connectivity


L-IFT (Low Income Financial Transformation) is a Netherlands based Research Company specialized in diaries research and human centric program design. L-IFT is partnering with New York University to conduct a research project on small enterprises using a diaries methodology. The research is about understanding small firms, investigating their cash-flows, and finding out factors and impediments to their growth. In Nigeria, the study is being conducted in Lagos, Kaduna, and Enugu.

For this project, we are looking for highly motivated person who is just graduated to fill the post of Junior Field Researcher. There is currently 1 open position in Kaduna.


Job Description

The Junior Field Researcher will assist existing field-researcher in meeting with small firms’ managers, employees, customers, and suppliers in the assigned study area and conducting different levels of interviews. S/he will also spend considerable time on logistics, planning meetings, following up on meetings and assuring that all data is complete and well. S/he will provide daily reports including planning of the field work. S/he will be expected to adhere to all established ethical and survey protocols during the interviews and maintain excellent data quality.

The Junior Field Researcher’s work will start by observing the existing Field-Researchers in Kaduna and accompanying them in their daily work with 45 small firms. The Junior Field Researcher will familiarize her/himself with the app, FINBIT, which we are using for diaries data collection. After the familiarization period, the Junior Field Researcher will gradually assume responsibilities, including assisting in and her/himself interviewing small firms recording the transactions weekly and administering repeat surveys and special theme surveys. The complete sample of research participants will be interviewed weekly for an entire year, which has started mid-August. The Junior Field Researcher will ensure, together the Field-Researcher(s) data quality as well as strict compliances to all ethical and survey protocols during the interviews and subsequent data management.

The Junior Field Researcher shall be directly supervised by the Field Supervisor and Field Manager but will on a day-to-day basis work with a Field Researcher or several Field Researchers.   


The specific responsibilities include:

  • Attend training sessions organized by L-IFT
  • Internalize methods and protocols of data collection, and fully understand all questionnaires prior to commencement of the actual interviews
  • Travel weekly to all respondents in different locations in the assigned research area to interview all participants for the research. Follow the remote COVID-19 protocol when indicated. 
  • Strictly follow survey procedures, ethical standards; COVID-19 protocols through the process of data collection
  • Document issues that arise during the field work and communicate them to the field manager and supervisor
  • Safe handling of resources provided by the company (mobile phone and accessories) to protect them from any damage
  • Assist the Field Researcher to report to the field supervisor on daily basis
  • Actively exchange experiences and communicate observations in an exchange group of peers and supervisor
  • Participate in two-weekly review meetings to address issues from the field and to get trained and practice new interview questions


Job Requirements

The following are ideal features that are considered for recruitment.

Profile of an ideal candidate for field researchers

  • A bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in field of economics, statistics, sociology, anthropology, development studies, psychology, entrepreneurship or a related field
  • Interest in data collection
  • Good understanding of how small business functions in the country (ideally comes from small business owner’s family)
  • Flexible and energetic
  • Able to relate easily to people and inspire trust (good verbal communication, good at encouraging people)
  • Have good written communications 
  • Very good communication skills in Hausa, reasonable level of English.
  • Have some computer and mobile-phone skills, command of Microsoft Office Suite and Android operating software
  • Have some numerical and analytical skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Characteristics: Motivated/committed; Energetic/enthusiastic; Fast/pro-active (takes initiative to solve problems); Good with people (listener); Reliable/conscientious; Technology oriented; Interest in research; Good communicator; Modest; Non-judgmental; Organized/disciplined; Adoptable (Adjust easily with unpredictable situations), Inquisitive and curious.


 How to Apply

To apply for this position, please complete the Job Application form on our website: (which strictly requires applicants to write their motivation for applying and upload their CV). Deadline for application is on 22 December 2021. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


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