Most of our respondents are involved in agricultural activities. See here for more:involvement-in-agriculture

Who taught our respondents how to farm? Find out below.who-taught-you-how-to-farm

Find out about agricultural extension services among our respondents in Uganda below.agricultural-extention-services-uganda

Which agricultural activities are our respondents in Uganda most involved with?agricultural-activities-uganda

What are the limitations to selling agricultural produce in Ghana and Uganda?limitations-to-selling-produce

For our respondents cell phone use plays a role in agriculture. For what do they use their mobile phone in terms of agriculture? Have a look to find out.cell-phones-and-agriculture

Have a look at which agricultural strategy is mostly followed by our respondents in Uganda:producing-for-own-consumption

What is, according to our respondents, the most important element to improve income from livestock? Find out here:wealth-and-livestock

How our respondents in Uganda select seeds for cultivation:seed-selection

How can horticulture production be improved according to our respondents of the Youth Livelihoods Diaries Research project?improving-horticulture

How can livestock production be improved? We asked our respondents in Uganda and this is what they told us:improving-livestock-production

Learn more on how many children our young respondents in Ghana and Uganda expect to have.


Who taught you how to farm? See our findings from Ghana.


A respondent breeding Guinea fowls


Our respondents in Ghana and Uganda are between 18 and 24 years old and many of them have young kids. They look lovely together!

Respondents @ work: Edith @ the bar she works, Moses at his brother’s drinking spot, Gifty N. selling in the shop, Afisata @ her business centre and Gifty A. selling apples in the market.

Respondent Erisa and field supervisor Patricia in Uganda; Erisa is tellling about his land on which he grows coffee & watermelons.

Happy Friday; field researcher Mary with two of her respondents in Ghana.

Yes, the rains finally came! This allowed seeds to germinate, so many of our respondents are working on the land.

The research team in Ghana during an evaluation session. One of the researchers wrote down: ‘Communication skills are crucial in every research, it will help researchers to give their best when it comes to delivering good field research’.
team Ghana

Young people working hard to earn a living: here an Ugandan respondent is loading bricks on a truck with his friends to make some money.

Respondents preparing supper and pounding groundnuts for cooking.

Two of our proud field researchers in Ghana with on their backs the slogan of the financial diaries research: Making a living, making a life! (Or as they like to shorten it in Ghana: Mking a livin, mking a lyf)