1/9/18, 11:29 – Anne Marie: I wanted to ask a question about the Pay-As-You-Go issues you interviewed people about in the endline.

1/9/18, 11:29 – Anne Marie: We see from the data that people really like the idea of paying gradually for solar lamp or system. Many of them think it makes getting solar much more attractive.

1/9/18, 11:30 – Anne Marie: However, when we asked about the feature that the solar will be switched off when payments are late, many people really disliked that feature.

1/9/18, 11:31 – Anne Marie: Does any of you remember why they disliked the switching off? If any of you have a chance to ask one of the respondents about this, that would be good. I am trying to write a blog about it and more examples of what people’s reactions are to this switching off would be really helpful.

One of the respondents said in end he will have pay plus being darkness until he pays

Some said there are some times when they are broke but they still need light, so if they are switched off, it means they have to look for other sources of lighting which will also need money

I was sharing with my neighbours and they Said that the initiative is very ok of pay as you go but they claim for paying too much money for a product which almost doubles the initial price

And on the said of switching off light whe not paid they dislike because some there failure to pay is because of not having money on that particular day

Which leaves the client in darknes for that particular day

1/10/18, 09:23 – Anne Marie: Dear all, were there any people who felt like it was invading their privacy if someone could switch off at distance?

hullo all, one of respondent is saying pay-As- U Go is not bad but the issue is that’s like giving a child pan cake after u get back your pan cake, that its one on pressure to pay on time and yet sometimes money is not available, that its not good to switch off some one, after all him or her to pay so they should count all days and pay at once rather disconnect him

Anne Marie: One big question: doesn’t it feel scary if someone can switch off something that is in your house? Doesn’t that make people feel like someone comes into the house uninvited? Or even feels like using magic?

Most of them saw as it an awkward thing, some said how can i pay money yet your the one with the switch. Everytime you feel like you make them be in the darkens yet in the end they pay. They Weren’t happy with it

Sorry I have been offline for a while . I missed great discussions here . On this one .the respondent’s think it’s irrational to disconnect them becoz i short failure to meet the obligation. This wud Make them resort to another power source which wud cost money

Hello Anne are we still supervisors ….? during my tenure as a supervisor, to those i remember talking to a number of respondents told me that switching off is a clear sign that solar doesn’t belong to them anytime they can come and pick it if you fail to pay, they also told me that if they can switch off from their office because of late payment it means there no good relationship with the company, their they stated that it is better they come and find out what might be the cause because they don’t get daily income, they depend on agriculture which is seasonal, some told me that they will resort to other alternatives like paying paraffin of 200 use it for only lays their beds and eating supper they will use moonlight, others will use firewood for light, switching off because of late payments it means that these solar companies can see what you are doing in your house so they had question marks on this, lastly i remember two respondents told me that they will become hard working,taking up any opportunity so that they can raise money to clear their payments before they are switched off that was my experience with pay -as-go questions.