Wondwosen Tesemma

Field Manager

Wondwosen Tesemma is a Field Manager at L-IFT, Ethiopia. As a Field manager, he is in charge of managing and coordinating filed level SFD activities in three study areas, i.e.  Adama, Dire Dawa and Addis Ababa. Wondwosen has been with L-IFT’s SFD project since the inception phase. He has a BA degree in Economics from Arbaminch University and an MSc degree in Project planning and management from Debre Markos University. Read More>>

    Having over 15 years of experience in research and being well-versed with both qualitative and quantitative methods such as econometric analyses and evaluation techniques, his skill set also include the provision of training, facilitation, moderation and coordination of various research projects as well as writing-up technical reports and research proposals.

Henok Ayele

Field Supervisor – Dire Dawa

Henok Ayele Yohannes is a Field Supervisor for L-IFT Research Company at Dire Dawa and Harer towns on SFD Project since the project has launched. He has a B.Sc.  Degree in Agricultural Extension from Haramaya University in July 2006. He has more than 10 years’ experience in management, coordination, and supervisory works at multiple governmental and Non-governmental Institutions mostly on research works as a permanent and freelancer employee. Furthermore, he has an immense potential on field research work designing and management.

Etalem W/Giorgis

Field Researcher – Dire Dawa

Etalem W/Giorgis Didu is a fresh graduate from Refit Valley University in Accounting and Finance with B.Sc. degree in January 2021. She is currently working as a Field Researcher at Dire Dawa town on the SFD project in L-IFT Research Company.

Dereje Misganaw 

Field Researcher – Dire Dawa

Dereje Misganaw has a Bachelors of Science degree in statistics from Dilla University in 2018. He was working as a database and record officer in a governmental institution (Haramaya University) from 2019 to 2020. Currently he is working for L-IFT Research Company as a field researcher.

Almaz Meskela

Field Researcher – Dire Dawa

Almaz is a B.Sc. graduate from Haramaya University in Accounting and finance in 2016 G.C. She was a teacher in Lucy College since February 2017 for about 3 months. And, from May 2017 up to May 2018, she worked as an accountant in Harar regional state Cooperative Union. Finally, from June 2019 until the date that she has  joined L-IFT in Jan 2021, she was working as a data collector in Central Statistics Agency, Harar branch.

Henok Biazin

Field Supervisor – Addis Ababa

Henok Biazin is a Field Supervisor at L-IFT, Ethiopia. As a field supervisor, he is in charge of supervising five field researchers and three junior field researchers at Addis Ababa. Henok has been with L-IFT’s SFD project since the inception phase. He has a BA degree in Sociology and Social Work from Jimma University and an MA degree in Sociology from Addis Ababa University. In addition to his five years’ experience of teaching at Ambo University, he has an excellent experience in research, survey coordination and supervision with local and international consultancy firms for the past eight years.


Etsehiwot Semreab

Senior Field Researcher 

She has an MSC from Addis Ababa University in Economics (Economic Policy Analysis) and a BA in Economics from Debre Birhan University.  After graduating, she has served as a lecturer in Debre Berhan and Kotebe metropolitan University. She participated in research assignments with various government institutes and consultancy companies. She has worked as a qualitative and quantitative data collector at the Policy Research Institute (PSI), WASH and Eco Insight; as research assistant, at the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI); as an intern, at Tufts University. Currently, she is working in L-IFT as a senior field researcher.  As a field researcher, she is responsible to record weekly financial transactions for 16 small firms. She is also responsible to write interesting stories about her respondents and also write on some other interesting issues.

Eden Mekonnen

Field Researcher – Addis Ababa

Eden Mekonnen is a Field Researcher at L-IFT for the SFD project ever since the initial stage of the study. She has been assigned to record the daily financial transactions of 16 respondents on a weekly basis which are located at 4 kilo and Shiromeda areas in Addis Ababa. Eden has a BA degree in Computer Science from Admas University and she has studied Marketing Management in Master’s Program at St. Mary’s University and she’s finalizing her term paper.Read More>>

    For the past five years, she was engaged in different work environments like an assistant pre-sales, administrator and assistant HR positions. In addition to this, she has been working as a data collector nearly for a year.

Natnael Shewanes

Field Researcher – Addis Ababa

Natnael Shewanes is currently working for L-IFT’s SFD project as a field researcher. He has a background of Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Adama University and an online non-degree certificate on qualitative research methodology from University of Amsterdam. He has 4 years’ experience on data collection, research and quality control works. In addition to his excellent research experiences, he has 2 years’ of work experience as management and equipment specialist at kingdom linen co.ltd in Ethiopia and China.

Hiwot Zelalem

Field Researcher – Addis Ababa

Hiwot has been with L-IFT since January 21, 2021. She has a BA Degree in sociology and Diploma in clinical nursing. She has 10 years’ of experience in research as a data collector and supervisor with different national and international consultancy and NGOs in different sectors. She has also an experience of Financial diary, working as a project leader and researcher on  the high frequency financial diary project of Busara center for behavioral economics for more than 2 years.

Samuel Noah 

Field Researcher – Addis Ababa

Samuel Noah is a Field researcher at L-IFT, Ethiopia. Samuel has been with L-IFT’s SFD project since the beginning of the project. He has a BA degree in Computer Science. In addition he has one years’ experience in data quality control on a World Bank project and he has an excellent experience in research, survey coordination and IT officer for the past two years.

Yosef Mekonnen

Junior Field Researcher – Addis Ababa

Yosef Mekonnen is a junior field researcher at L-IFT, Ethiopia. As a  junior field researcher, he has the responsibilities of supporting the field researcher on the field work, attend and actively participate in all training sessions organized by L-IFT and internalize methods of data collection. Yosef has been with L-IFT’S SFD project since the third (diary) phase. He has a background of Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Economics from Addis Ababa University.

Zimare Worku

Junior Field Researcher – Addis Ababa

Zimare is a Junior Field Researcher at L-IFT Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. As a junior field researcher, she is in charge of assisting one senior field researcher, assist in translation when required, contribute to storytelling in the form of experience, background and idea information and any other assigned task by the supervisor and project manager. Zimare has been with L-IFT’s SFD project since the beginning of the diaries round.Read More>>

    She is a fresh graduate in BA degree in Business Management from Hope University and BA candidate in Business Administration Information in Addis Ababa University School of Commerce. She has worked as an intern in an international research consultant place for 7months. Her obligation was writing technical and financial proposals, submitting bids, supporting training, research work, data collection and support in day to day activities in the office.


Bethel Tewodros

Junior Field Researcher – Addis Ababa

Bethel Tewodros is a junior field researcher at L-IFT, Ethiopia. She is in charge of assisting one senior field researcher, in translation process when required, storytelling in the form of experience and any other assigned task by the project manager and supervisor. She has a BA degree in chemical Engineering from Haramaya Institute of Technology University and a BA degree in Management from Unity University in distance program in 2021. While she was in the university, she has six months of experience in the Mb Family Milk Factory. She was inspecting the inputs in the laboratory and doing various work in the factory.


Amsalu Dereje

Field Supervisor – Adama

Amsalu Dereje is a Field supervisor at L-IFT on Small Firms Diary (SFD) project. He is in charge of conducting close supervision of field researchers to maintain data quality and reporting the day to day activities of the field. He has Bachelor of Education (BEd) in History and MBA in Business Administration. He has worked as a Project Manager on Ethiopia Social Accountability Program Phase2 (ESAP2) and also has extensive field research experiences with various INGOs on different socio-economic and humanitarian aid projects in Ethiopia.



Field Researcher – Adama

Chaltu is working as a field researcher in SFD project. She has an MA in Development study with a back ground of Rural Development and family science. She has more than 13 years’ work experiences in both NGO and GO. She has been working as a project officer and community mobilizer in different projects. She has been also been involved in conducting qualitative study with Ambo University and World Vision Ethiopia.



Tigist Worku

Field Researcher – Addis Ababa

Tigist Worku is a Field Researcher at L-IFT. She has earned her BA degree in Accounting from Rift Valley University. She has more than 6 years’ work experience in data collection.



Kebede Girma 

Field Researcher – Adama

Kebede Girma is currently working for L-IFT as a Field Researcher. He has a Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Haramaya. He has 3 years’ experience in Data collection. He also has online course certificates in Management strategies for People and Resource, and Fundamentals of Business Expansion.