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FINBIT is a data enabling technology bringing data empowerment to people and (small) businesses. Through FINBIT people build their financial track record, giving them more grip on their financial and economic lives and ultimately access appropriate financial services. FINBIT is a spin-off company from L-IFT, a research company specializing in financial diaries.


FINBIT is preparing a proposal for a competition on financial inclusion of Cottage, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, see details here:


We are liaised with the Hrishipara Financial Diaries and we have other team members based in Bangladesh. We now need a driven, strategic and dynamic Lead to take us through the Innovation challenge steps, which includes:

  1. Application process (7 October deadline, maximum 1 day required
  2. Possibly some queries and zoom session during selection process
  3. Full-time participation in boot camp
  4. Agreement and contract process for prize money
  5. Implement the proposed idea (over two years or longer) under mentoring


What would you need to do?

  • Contextualize the proposal (FINBIT has a detailed solution for data-driven financial inclusion and we already have the technology, but we need to tailor it to Bangladesh’s circumstances) 1 day
  • Answer any questions, defend our proposal, including in Bengali (if clarifications are needed)
  • Participate actively in a bootcamp, further elaborate the proposal with guidance from the bootcamp, likely together with an international FINBIT staff at C-level (including writing proposal, visualize proposal, further contextualize FINBIT materials) (if selected for bootcamp)
  • Further defend the proposal until selection (according to the ‘challenge’s’ needs)
  • Take the lead role to roll out FINBIT’s financial access solution (if winning a prize)


What background and skills should you have?

  • Convincing / communication skills
  • Technology skills and strong affinity with digitalization
  • Experience in financial inclusion (good network with financial service providers and development organisations, incl. youth organisations
  • Experience partnering with government and development agencies
  • Desirabe: previous experience with competitions and challenge funds


What type of person do we seek?

  • Creative
  • Strategic
  • Dynamic
  • Team leader
  • Loyal
  • Kind


Please note: this is a potential assignment. Each stage of the assignment will depend on whether we are selected. However, FINBIT and L-IFT usually hire long-term and this work may open options for long-term collaboration.


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