Welcome to L-IFT’s Youth Conference: “How Working with L-IFT Can Benefit Youth Organizations”!


This exciting online event is designed to introduce L-IFT and its innovative platform, FINBIT, to potential youth organization partners. Join us as we explore the vast opportunities and advantages that working with L-IFT can bring to youth-focused initiatives.

During this conference, we will delve into various topics that shed light on the potential of L-IFT and FINBIT. The agenda includes:

  1. Introduction to L-IFT: Get to know L-IFT, its mission, and the valuable insights it provides through its unique data collection methods. Discover how L-IFT empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions and create a positive impact.
  2. Introduction to FINBIT: Dive into the world of FINBIT, L-IFT’s powerful financial inclusion tool. Learn about its features, capabilities, and the invaluable data it generates to drive financial empowerment among individuals and communities.
  3. FINBIT and Youth Organizations: Explore the benefits of FINBIT to youth organizations. Understand how this tool can assist in identifying financial needs, assessing impact, and designing tailored solutions for young people.
  4. Personal/Organizational View on FINBIT: Hear from individuals and organizations who have already utilized FINBIT. Gain valuable insights and perspectives on their experiences, successes, and challenges. Discover how FINBIT has transformed their work and positively impacted the lives of youth.
  5. Possible Ways of Collaboration: Delve into the exciting realm of collaboration possibilities between L-IFT and youth organizations. Explore how partnerships can be forged to maximize the potential of FINBIT and create lasting change. We will conclude with a summary of key takeaways and the importance of collaboration in achieving collective goals.
  6. Q&A: Engage in an interactive session where you can ask questions directly to our team. Get clarifications, seek advice, and explore opportunities for collaboration. We are here to support and guide you on your journey toward leveraging the power of data and financial inclusion.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to connect with L-IFT, discover the transformative potential of FINBIT, and explore the ways in which your youth organization can benefit from this collaboration. Join us for an inspiring and knowledge-packed conference that will shape the future of youth empowerment!


About this Event

05 July 2023

11:00 AM – 12:30 PM EAT/10:00 AM – 11:30 AM CAT/ 09:00 AM – 10:30 AM WAT


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Anne Marie van Swinderen

Managing Director – L-IFT

Anne Marie van Swinderen is the founder of L-IFT BV. She has been active in financial inclusion for over 30 years. She brings along experience in numerous projects: agricultural and cooperative finance in Zambia, microfinance outreach in Bolivia, financial diaries in Colombia, studies about demand for mobile financial services, product development for mobile financial services in Ethiopia and youth financial diaries in Togo and Ethiopia.



Frehiwot Sinishaw

Programme Coordinator – L-IFT

Frehiwot Sinishaw is a programme coordinator at L-IFT with 6+ years of work experience. She is responsible for recruitment, coaching, and monitoring of field researchers and supervisors. She assists in giving training to field researchers, reports writing, proposal writing, and data processing. She contributes to communication including assisting in social media and website activities, in addition to document organization and facilitation of conferences and meetings. She has a master’s degree in public international law. 

Haimanot Yibeltal

Technology Manager – L-IFT

Haimanot Tiruneh is a technology manager with a passion for creating practical solutions. With a background in mathematics and physics during his undergraduate studies, he brings a strong foundation in analytical thinking and problem-solving to his work. Haimanot has played a pivotal role in developing and delivering FINBIT, a multi-purpose financial monitoring system. Haimanot is currently pursuing a part-time Master’s degree in Analytics at Georgia Institute of Technology which is helping further refine FINBIT.


Mhlalisi Ncube

Programme Manager – L-IFT

Mhlalisi Ncube is Programme Manager at L-IFT BV responsible for its activities in Southern Africa from his base in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. His focus is on enabling people to self-report their financial diaries and themselves benefit from the reported data. He manages the IMBE work with 2000 ECD preschool entrepreneurs self-reporting in FINBIT, the Corner Shop project across 11 countries and recently started FINBIT work with Africa Foundation’s hustler programme. Mhlalisi studied Sociology and Anthropology at Manhattanville College in New York.

Morris Mpala

Guest speaker – MoB Capital

Bsc Applied Mathematics, Hons(NUST), Executive MBA( NUST). MD. A very dynamic and particular to detail former Banker (11 yrs) with a well rounded knowledge in the many Business areas derived from his career that spanned insurance, education, banking, agriculture, retail, manufacturing and pension fund management. His sole mandate is to oversee the birth, growth and sustainable profit of MoB Capital by creating a meritocratic environment for all stakeholders. He has a sound educational background that has seen his hands on approach to offering business solutions made him establish himself as a major player in Treasury management and Leadership grooming. Read More>>

    Morris Mpala:  Applied Maths, Executive MBA. Specialist in business advisory/ consultancy, treasury, insurance, economic/business analyst, community development microfinance, financial engineering and lending due to years spent years in merchant banking, treasury, lending, pension fund trustee and insurance sector. Popularly known as Mr Brown he is an unconventional think tank.



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