A story of a Respondent With a Carpentry Business by Ibrahim 12 Jan 2022

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One of my respondents is a smallholder farmer and a carpenter at Meraro town. He owns a plot of land at Koma Kara Village (a village located adjacent to Meraro town) and he produces Malt barley and wheat. Besides, he has got a house in which he produces woodwork. He recently won a bid to make 80 school chairs from the Woreda Education Bureau. He received 50,000 ETB in advance for this purpose. With regard to his workers (employees), they receive 150 ETB daily for each contract woodwork. The types of woodwork that he produces include:




tables and others

The pictures above show a cupboard (Tederarabi Biffe) that he has made for a local customer. The price is 11,500 ETB. He has already received the whole payment in advance from the customer. My respondent has asserted that he is hopeful affluent farmers and residents of the town will order (purchase) furniture products when their harvest ends, when their agricultural gain/yield goes up, and when their personal revenues increase. Besides, he is a sociable person whom the local community trusts much and who has immense social capital.