A Warehouse Owned by a Farmer and Trader in Meraro Town by Ibrahim 13 February 2022

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This is a warehouse owned by Mr. Gosa, a model farmer and trader. He buys crops such as Malt Barely, Bean, Seasame, and wheat. The store is located in Meraro Town.

Video: Trading, Storage, and Selling of Malt Barely at Meraro Town

This video shows the various crops/grains being purchased and stored at Mr. Gosa’s Warehouse. 

Mr. Gosa produces a large amount of malt barley and other crops. Additionally, he collects/buys these crops from local farmers and sells them to aggregators/producers. 

For his agricultural production, he owns the land, albeit, the lion’s share of land for agricultural production is rented.

He has massively commercialized his agricultural production whereby he largely relies on a mechanized farming system.