Field Managers for a potential project – Gabon (1) and Niger (1)

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Position: Field Manager

Location: Gabon (1) and Niger (1)

Category: Research and Development

Career Level: High-level (5-10 years of experience)

Employment Type: Contractual

Start date: 1 October 2023 – 15 April 2024


About the project

L-IFT (Low Income Financial Transformation) is a Netherlands based Research Company that specializes in diaries research. L-IFT identifies misunderstood needs of low-income people through a unique research of repeat interviews which enables evidence driven decision making. L-IFT conducts research projects in various countries including Ethiopia, Togo, Ghana, Uganda, Myanmar, Nigeria, Indonesia, Kenya, Morocco, Senegal, and Rwanda. The company is increasingly focusing on self-reported data and empowering people to use their own data for their development as entrepreneurs or employees. It has developed an app that is being used by thousands of youths, women, refugees and other insufficiently understood groups.

We are seeking a Field Manager for Gabon (1) and Niger (1) for a potential project with UNCDF on numeric and financial literacy and capability. This is a comprehensive survey with a representative sample.

For this potential project in two countries, we are looking for a highly motivated, qualified, and capable professional to fill the post of Field Manager, one for each country.


Job Description

Field Manager

The role of a Field Manager is to coordinate, manage, and monitor the implementation of the financial literacy survey. The role involves a range of activities from the planning of fieldwork activities, management of implementation of fieldwork activities, several rounds of training, continuously coordinating and supervising the field team, conducting quality control checks, translations and preparing reports for L-IFT management and the client.  The Field Manager is also expected to test the survey in the local context and suggest localization and improvements, including testing the scripting. The FM will also take care of translations into the local languages (by a translator). The Field Manager shall be directly supervised and work closely with the Project Manager.


The specific responsibilities include:    

Overall responsibilities:

  • Survey Instrument design feedback, piloting and translation;
  • Delivery of Field Team Training Programme;
  • Planning and management of project logistics;
  • Field team supervision and coaching;
  • Quality control management and data queries;
  • Quality control visits;
  • Troubleshoot field problems;
  • Liaise with local authorities;
  • Liaise with UNCDF staff directly (not always through Project Manager);
  • Field reports
  • Conduct direct interviews if necessary


Specific Job Responsibilities:

The Field manager shall be required to:

  • Administer research tools – how to ask questions, how to check completed data entered by participants to identify issues
  • Manage data quality – protocols for data quality checks, administering back check tools
  • Troubleshoot minor issues


Job Requirements

The following are ideal features that are considered for recruitment.

Profile of an ideal candidate for field manager

  • Education level: Bachelors in the field of economics, statistics, sociology, anthropology, development studies, psychology, or a related field with at least 10 years field experience in survey management, or Masters with at least 5 years field experience in survey management
  • Language skills: French – native speaker, local language(s) – advanced skills spoken, listening and written, if relevant. English – an advantage
  • Good Maths skills, excel skills are an advantage
  • Good writing skills in French (and English desirable), ability to write report precisely and analytically
  • Good verbal skills: diplomatic and assertive
  • Good command of local languages.    
  • Some computer skills, good command of Microsoft Office suite and Dropbox / Google drive.
  • Excellent command of technology and smartphones
  • Characteristics: Natural leader; Good planner; Can report concisely according to a format; Responsible; Motivated/committed; Energetic/enthusiastic; Fast/pro-active (takes initiative to solve problems); Good with people (listener); Reliable/conscientious; Technology oriented; Interest in research; Good communicator; Modest; Non-judgmental; Organized/disciplined; Adaptable (Adjust easily with unpredictable situations).


Experience needed:

  • Managing a team of 10 to 15 members, across different locations, different cultures and languages
  • Experience using survey software like ODK, SurveyCTO or Dooblo
  • Experience using Telegram (or WhatsApp groups) and conducting daily reporting and planning and distance motivating of team
  • Ability to visit team members in the field, both checking on the quality of their work and coaching and encouraging them as well
  • Precious experience in conducting detailed surveys on socio-economic themes, ideally financial inclusion and how to encourage participants to respond to surveys lasting up to 1 hour (for more info on survey content: )
  • Experience with translating a survey tool (or finding suitable translators)
  • Experience in testing a survey tool and identifying required adaptations according to the context (and testing translations and specific language)
  • Some experience data checking, managing queries and working in excel 

How to Apply

To apply for this position, please complete the Job Application form on our website: (which strictly requires applicants to write their motivation for applying and upload their CV). Deadline for application is on 03 August 2023.


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