Harvesting Activities in Dosha Kebele by Tekalign 17 Dec 2021

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In my study area, Dosha Kebele, crops such as Faba bean and pea have almost all been harvested except in the coldest parts of the kebele. The following picture illustrates the harvested pea in the field:

Harvested Peas

It is common to use a combine harvester in most of Dosha kebele, but in some difficult topographic locations, using people is observed as it is indicated in the picture below:

People in harvesting activity

Malt barley and Food barley in the kebele are harvested using a combined harvester but the barley has not dried up enough to be harvested in most parts. On average it will take a week or a fortnight for it to be dry enough to be harvested. The following picture shows Walia malt barely, which is raw to be harvested: