Harvesting Activities in Koma Karra Kebele by Ibrahim 17 Dec 2021

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These are some of the fieldwork photos that clearly illustrate the harvesting activity that farmers of the Koma Kara Kebele have been carrying out.

These farmers use combine harvesters and Malt Barley, food Barley and Wheat are crops that are cultivated using such advanced farming system. Besides, farmers in the kebele produce Pea, beans, and linseeds. Harvesting activity has now started and it will last until the coming month. Basically, farmers in the kebele and some other woredas have adopted using such modern agricultural farming tools (including tractors and combine harvesters). However, there are still some others farmers who use the archaic and rudimentary farming system. These are smallholder farmers who own small plots of land and who barely engage in subsistence farming. In a nutshell, farmers in the kebele are currently busy with their harvest, and their hope and the hopes of their family members are chiefly embedded in the yield of their produce.

The following video shows how archaic harvesting is done in the Koma Kara Kebele:

Harvesting Showcase in the Koma Kara Kebele (Video)