IFC Project- Biweekly Meeting 7- Last Two Weeks’ Reporting Experience by the Field Team- 28 March 2022

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Samuel (FR-Butajira): I haven’t finished the past two weeks’ diaries for two reasons. The first is that I assumed it would be completed by week 12 but was perplexed when week 13 continued. The other reason was that the data query I received was time-consuming and necessitated a thorough understanding. I’ll finish it this week. I finished the query and sent it, however, there was a comment on it that was repeated. I’m also finished with the trader survey, and the crop survey was running simultaneously with diaries for the past two weeks, which is why it hasn’t been completed yet. So, with the exception of the last two weeks’ crop survey, all of the others have been completed.

Tigist (FR-Dangla): The query was the most difficult for me to verify because it was very long and I had no electricity for a week, so I had problems checking it. There were also repeated questions, and the date entered confused me as well, but I was able to complete it and will send it right away. When we come to the crop survey, there is nothing new because the harvesting is complete, so all that is left is for daily consumption and the crop they sell. I also had a problem skipping questions on that so until now there are only a few people that are selling it but most of the crops are stored, because the price is low, and they want to save them until the price rises a little. I finished both the diaries and the crop survey until week 13, and there were only three persons I didn’t finish with because their phone was not working. I’m done with four traders, and I’m about to finish the fifth and submit it.

Melesech (FR-Awi): As Tigist mentioned before, the query was a bit long and repetitive. Although I completed the 13-week diaries and crop survey, I was unable to complete this week’s diaries and crop survey due to the time-consuming query and a lack of internet service. However, I will complete the queries within the next two days and send them. Another issue I had was that they were not very hospitable due to the rising price of fertilizer, and they were also quite busy. I’ve finished with the four traders and am down to one.

Ibrahim (FR-Bekoji): I didn’t start with the 13th week of diaries since I assumed the 12th week would be the last, and when I interviewed them, I told them we were finished. I’m nearly through with the query. Because I was unable to locate the traders, I couldn’t complete the trader survey; however, I will complete it on Thursday. I’ve also completed the crop survey.