Impact of Using a New Variety and a Local Seed Variety by Gurmessa on 03 April 2022

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Mr. X1 is one of my respondents that planted Fossolia. Mr. X1 obtained 81,000 ETB (1,565.24 USD) from the sale of Fossolia within the past 3 weeks. He said that he generated a huge income. He is also reinvesting this income via purchasing cattle, renting farmland, etc. Whereas, his peer farmer (Mr. X2), sold the same crop at 12000 ETB (233.25 USD). He told me that even with this income he couldn’t afford the expenses he incurred during the production process. I asked the reason for generating low income and he replied that the seed he planted was a local variety. Many other farmers shared similar challenges so, planting local seeds usually leads to crop failure and low yields.