Respondents’ Stories Shared by the Field Team: 1 September 2021 – 15 September 2021

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Oluwakemi Adepetu, [03.09.21 21:01]

Last week Wednesday one of my respondent told me about her birthday happening on the next day i visited, she also told me to come with gifts on my next visit. On my visit to her two days ago, i knew i was going to present her the SFD Booklet. As i was entering her store i brought out the booklet carried it like a plaque while chanting a birthday song with all eyes of her neighbours on us🤣🤣 Her apprentices sang along while i presented her the SFD booklet. She received it with joy and sent her prayers. We got down to business and i was impressed that their records were up to date except for the record of personal expenses. As i was rounding off i went to meet the business owner to ask about her personal expenses then she laughed and replied that she can’t remember. I gave her a little time then i remembered i had another appointment so i walked up to where she was to ask her again. Guess what she said😳 i am having headache right now and i cant seem to remember how i spent the money personally. I replied saying, but when the money entered your account and you were spending you didn’t have a headache when its time to record the transactions you now have headache she just started laughing and told me to come back today. Unfortunately i couldn’t make it to her store as it was flooded due to the rain.
N.B: Its tough getting the record of firm’s personal transactions.


Barakah Bello, [07.09.21 20:25]

Today, we visited a respondent who lost his daughter recently to flood. I couldn’t stop but appreciate how strong some people can be. When I was leaving his shop, he asked which route I was going and directed me accordingly due to the road blocks in that area. He got a motorcycle to take me to my destination and insistently paid for my transport. I was too short of words and in awe of such a human being who just lost a child about a week ago. I also visited another respondent, and I was surprised at the way he was writing his account in our book. He took the process so seriously that one will think it was some kinda exam or medal winning process


Michael Enyam, [07.09.21 20:44]

There’s this one of my respondents that anytime she sees me she smiles. When we started and I told her we will be asking her about her records, she said she has never kept records of her finances before and she doubt if she will cope. I encouraged her to give it a trial. We got started and first week she did well. I visited her today checked her records, she even kept records of personal expenses too I was impressed she has improved. We finished and I appreciated her for her time. She smiled and said

“I’m enjoying this exercise, please keep coming. You have made me to save money and paying my loan too”.

I appreciated her again for her time and she said see you next week Tuesday.


Magdaline Musa, [07.09.21 22:04]

Good evening all, so I got a treat from one of my respondent’s i have not been able to meet for a while now. She is a lecturer thus she has been very busy and closes late from work. So I had to wait for her and she apologised for not making it for the past scheduled appointment. When I gave her the note book she was so excited and complimented L-IFT for the effort to give them a book, she told me how she will take keeping records serious from now hence forth. She made some fresh fruit salad from fruits gotten from her garden and the whole interview was informative even though I am just getting home from the interview but I am glad we had it today. She looks forward to learning how to use finbit to record her financial transactions.


Deborah Ekundina, [08.09.21 15:42]

Yesterday morning, I tried reaching out to one of my respondents on phone to remind her of my coming, but her both lines were switched off, I tried it several times 🙃 but to no avail. So after visiting others.. I went to her shop and I met only her workers. And I was told she lost her phone, but then one of her apprentice gave me an alternative number to call her… I called yesterday with the new number and she fixed an appointment for us to meet today.(She told me she had to get a new phone) As usual, I’d always call my respondents in the morning to remind them of my coming. So I started calling the new number I was given but it was switched off again, so I decided to visit her at the shop but she was not around. I was told she lost her new phone again 😒. Her apprentice gave me a number she had called them with this morning. So when I called the new line today, she wasn’t sounding happy 😐 on phone, she pleaded with me to postpone our meeting till next week because of her mood.


Olufunmilayo Nubi, [08.09.21 16:10]

Hmmm 3 of my respondents for intake interview had their firms ravaged with bird flu🙄😭😭😭 I was able to gain access to 1 of the livestock pens haa I was moved to tears😭😭😭😭 he had large number of birds, no insurance all wiped out. He said that’s the end of research I can no longer participate tell your company. He’s willing to participate but new birds are not allowed in for now. I prayed for him and other respondents involved.
Haaaa 😭😭😭😭😏😏I’m so emotional.


Anastasia Obodo, [09.09.21 11:41]

First time of posting, Today is really a sad day for one of my respondent.I called him to schedule for visit but he told me he lost his wife.its really 😩 because the respondent is very dedicated towards the research.😭😭😭


Victor Essien, [12.09.21 12:51]
Codes: NG227, NG110

So my firms that are into palm kernel oil production have had a very difficult season sourcing viable materials with good yield for production here in Enugu.
They blame scarcity and high cost of raw materials on climate change which has adversely affected yield this year.
The bigger producers now travel as far as the North Central and South South regions to source cheaper materials with better yield, meaning I have to patiently wait furtively till night fall especially on Saturdays for owners to come back from these trips, like I experienced again tonight.
We are still deliberating with them to find another suitable day for their financial reporting because Saturday is increasingly becoming unrealistic.


Precious Ita, [15.09.21 14:01]
Code: NG262

Good afternoon all, I heard a not-too-good story from my respondent, a Reverend, yesterday evening. He is a school owner and has been making efforts to move the location of the school to a more serene environment, away from the bus stop as that was where the school location was initially, about a week and few days ago, he told me he had gotten a serene environment, though a residential place, but the place would also be conducive for learning and had made the full payment of #1,200,000, I congratulated and rejoiced with him. Last week, he started packing, coincidentally, on the day I called and visited for financial transactions, I met him and some other people helping him move things, from upstairs to downstairs. I assisted with lifting the shelf so that those downstairs could receive it and he kept thanking me till I left. Yesterday, I went to conduct an interview with him on his financial transactions the past week, I called him and he directed me to the new location. Before I could say much he just said, “Precious, my dear, please pray for me, last week Friday, I was here trying to put things together, when three men came to me, a lawyer and two policemen to arrest me, that I went through a wrong source, that the agent that rented this place to me is a fraud and pointed at the lawyer who is now in charge of the property, I begged and begged, cried and went on my knees at the police station, I was released at 10pm, but was made to sign an undertaking to move every single thing from here by Saturday. I am tired and don’t know where to go. felt so sad as he just told. The lawyer said he was only given #500,000 out of the #1.2m and that was the only refund I’d get, in fact, in front of me, he turned to the police and told them to take whatever amount they wanted to take from the #500,000 when he returns it. On top of that, almost all my pupils have changed school, I called their parents and they said it was true. I’m tired.” He mentioned suicide but that his family members that he told about it have been calling to encourage him. I pray with him and encouraged him.


Precious Ita, [15.09.21 14:15]
Code: NG238

So yesterday, I went to one of my very responsive respondents, she’d usually answer, “yes darling, how are you my darling, my dear, oh darling!”… 😊 Emphasis on the “darling”…After greetings and I was waiting for “mummy” (as I call her) to give me some audience, mummy was having her time on Facebook and making calls, then she zoomed out, leaving her phone in her shop, thank gracious I was with my supervisor, then we waited for well over 1hour… Safe to call it 2hrs, called her number, phone was in her shop, I excused my supervisor to go take my COVID 19 Vaccine shot as that was within the time I was scheduled for it , the location was 4mins away (and by the way, I’m still gritting from the pains and numbness it come with), I got back, mummy was still not back, we left to go to another firm, then my Supervisor suggested we checked on her again and “mummy” acted as though nothing happened some 2hrs 45mins ago… 😳😳 Ah! Mummy… Hmmm… It’s well oo… Respondents can be very funny atimes…😅


Victor Essien, [15.09.21 15:02] Codes: NG227, NG110

Good afternoon all,
The above two are my firms that are into palm kernel oil production on a larger scale and as stated the last time, have had a very difficult season sourcing viable materials with good yield for production here in Enugu.
They blame scarcity and high cost of raw materials on climate change which has adversely affected yield this year, meaning they now travel as far as the North Central and South South regions to source cheaper raw materials with better yield. These long trips still aren’t a guarantee of lucrative purchases as I was told last week by one firm owner; ‘she just has to try her luck with those long market trips so as to stay afloat in business.
I have had to patiently wait (in futility till 9pm like last Saturday) for firm owners to come back from these trips, and honour our scheduled financial reporting session.
We are still deliberating with them to find another suitable day for their financial reporting, though they insist on flexibility of schedule.


Michael Enyam, [15.09.21 21:47] Code: NG119

Good evening, gentlemen and ladies.

This my respondent is into laundry and drycleaning services. While I was going to see him last week, I picked some of my clothes for washing. When I was done tracking his financial transactions I appreciated him for his time while I dropped my clothes with him.
Returning back today, after tracking his Financial transactions, he brought my clothes. I asked how much was my money. He said

” My brother, you don’t need to pay . You have helped me in keeping proper records of my business. I would have missed out from participating in this research when I wanted to decline because of account ”

But I insisted on paying and finally he accepted.
He’s happy 😊to be part of the research as he has gained so much within a space of few weeks. And I have been told to bring my clothes for laundry anytime 😊.