Respondents’ Stories Shared by the Field Team: 16 January 2022 – 31 January 2022

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Code: ET384

This respondent is engaged in the garment sector. He is doing well in his business. He is participating in different fashion shows since he has a passion for expanding his garment business to different African countries. So, most recently, our respondent rented a new space beside his current workplace and he has a plan of renting a workshop around Megenagna since there are lots of walk-in customers plus to minimize the expense the more the shop is near the easier it will get to transport the garment products. 

I have mentioned that he got married a few months ago and his wife is supporting him in running this firm so his marriage is playing a big role in those new things that are happening. He took a short break from lecturing because he was busy. He will start lecturing soon. In addition to this, he is doing some collections for a fashion show as well. We will update you guys when we get the full information.




This respondent was busy loading and transporting finished products by Bajaj (three-wheeled vehicle). One problem with this vehicle is that it can not load large assembled products in bulk at once. As a solution, they inserted the product vertically. But these products are vulnerable to damage while in transit because all parts of the product are not inside the vehicle and these three-wheeled vehicles give bumpy rides by their nature, which is worse on non-asphalt roads. Furthermore, the Bajaj loads individuals including our respondent with the finished products.  Finished products of his neighboring firms are stored in front of this respondent’s gate which makes it difficult to enter and hinders the observation of someone who passes by the shop. This in turn has negative consequences on customer acquisition. He uses two saws for the cutting of wood materials. This respondent uses a separate office and information desk from his working place.