Respondents’ Stories Shared by the Field Team: 16 March 2022 – 31 March 2022

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This respondent’s father has been producing different materials from used or old tyers since 20 years ago. For example, the materials that had been produced include cattle pools, shoes, etc. Many people, including car drivers, wanted to buy car rubbers bush (the so called modefic) but did not get it from the shop easily or the cost was too expensive. 

Then, those people used to go to his father’s workplace and ask him to prepare rubber bushing for their cars. And he was trying to prepare the materials based on their order. The rubber bush that he was preparing for them was similar to that of the original (factory) rubber bush being sold at shops. 

The costs of his products are less than the factory products’. Therefore, most of the customers left the factory products and started to buy his products at lesser prices. 

It was from his father that the respondent and owner of the SFD firm learned and got the skills of producing the rubber bush materials. The respondent started to work with his father after he completed his 10th grade level of education. While he (the respondent) was working with his father, he was being paid for what he did in percentage.

But three years ago, his father gave him the workplace and some equipment and materials and he started his own work with some employees. In the future, he has plans to transform his traditional work into the modern one by buying different machines which could make his work easy and effective.