Respondents’ Stories Shared by the Field Team: 20 September 2021 – 30 September 2021

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Business Sector: U-03 | Place : MOJO TOWN

The owner of this business is 41 years old ,married and has 2 children. He started this business in 2015. Before starting this business he has been employed in a Garage. His Garage gives a service of repairing from small cars to large cars and machinery like hydraulic machines ,excavator and also his work shop gives welding services like arc-welding and gas welding. He has told me that his Garage is the only garage which gives repairing service for small cars and machineries like excavator, loader and hydraulic machines. In addition to his garage work, his aim is to make his work shop a Torno house giving Torno services. He told me that he has a tractor he bought last year by 120,000 birr from his customer. The tractor was old but by repairing and changing old parts of the tractor with new parts he has gotten 160000 income through renting it to farmers. He has also bought an old loader from his customers, but since the loader has some missing parts, he has, till now been searching for spare parts. Now his is making market research to increase his income more. This new year he has planned 2 things:

  1. The first one is that to open car tyres repairing service .already he had bought old machine by repairing it he want to get into work by hiring new employee.
  2. Second one is that by buying old cars and repairing all parts and bodies at his garage and selling to customers .

He told me that he has problems related with money since he has limited money he can’t achieve his plan easily and within short time. He do not want to take loan from loan givers now at this situation . His plan is that starting with resources he has now and after he has more customers and checked that his customers demand may be he want to go to loan givers to take loan and expand his business. He said that ” getting loan is also not easy as we think .it needs warranty like having permanent properties like house ,cars ,etc and since my business is not collateral if I want to take also I didn’t get.”
He has three employees and employee payment will be made every week on Saturday. Whether they worked or not they will get salary every week . And he told me that his work not seasonal like other businesses. Some times they didn’t get work for week and some times they will be busy with many works even they work with out rest at the weekend also. This small firm owner is very punctual, shares his financial dairies openly every week and has good personality. Always I will feel free when I visited his business every week.




Today let me share you a story of respondent with firm ID ET-629. The respondent is young and 28 years old. He was engaged in cart production and maintenance. Four family member come together and established the firm 4 years ago. The firm has many challenges and their income is affected by seasonal variations. As many of the cart owners came from country side, during the summer season, they go to their home land leaving their cart in the town and engaged on farming. 

During this time, as a consequences of the above mentioned reasons, the firm owner became jobless and their income is tremendously decreased. As you can see from the following picture, the cart owners left their cart to be rented by others if there is a possibility for that option until they accomplish their farming during summer season.  At this moment, they only engeged on cart maintenance that the firm can get occasionally earns a maximum of 200ETB daily. The following picture showing while the firm owner is maintaining damaged cart. However, after a month, the cart owners will come back restart their jobs here and as a result the income will be increased. This is a vicious cycle of the firm work condition.



(Metal work Shop) This firm is formed by family but know currently controlled by one person that is my respondent .my respondent learn this profession from his father his father works metal work during his baby stage He grew up watching his father’s work after. When he complete grade 12 he join Dire Dawa Technical and Vocational school he graduates by General Metal Work by diploma level he works 6 year by employment this is before twenty years ago. After 6 employment year He and his Sister and brother They came up with the idea to start this business during that time they have one professional person this person is my respondent and one laze machine but they have no workplace They took action this current work shop is by that time It was his sister’s house they moved her to another place and they started working there But the house was too narrow When they started working, they had 16 employees They had a job and a lot of customers the respondent have anther business line It has a stone mill when he goes that work place his workers could not hold a customer as They don’t say what we want to do when a customer come When someone asks him, they say no As a result, the client was dispersed. The work was about to stop by this reason he Leave that job and go back to this job He began to attract as a new customer gradually He also fired the workers because he has no income know by this time has only 2 permanent workers 1 casual with him 4 worker he pay 35000 ETB monthly salary including him currently his capital is 10,000,000 ETB as he said. He is an entrepreneur he produce waste plastic material wash machine, waste plastic grinding machine and produce bread flour bake machine as you see in the photo the other challenge is Lack of market linkages In addition, the loss of peace in our country. Their work is from hand to mouth he is always very punctual and cooperative at the time of data collection he asked why our government wouldn’t use this research for our country.