“Respondents’ Stories Shared by the Field Team: 27 August 2021 – 05 September 2021

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Code: NG762

Oluwakemi Adepetu

I got a replacement on Tuesday to complete the firms for SFD. When I saw the firm ID, I was happy at first cause I remembered meeting the Business owner during census and her showing keen interest in the research. Long story short, I tried to locate her shop on Tuesday but I was unable to get to her shop easily so I called. I greeted her then asked how to locate her place. She asked what I wanted to see her for. I reminded her about the SFD and she screamed, ” I am unavailable!” I was shocked so I felt she might not be in a good mood at the time I called. I left the complex to continue with my record keeping with other firms. I discussed this with my FS and told her that I will use my GPS to locate her shop on Wednesday. We eventually got to her shop on Wednesday. We entered the shop and saw her in one corner with her shop rearranged from the last time I visited. Fortunately, we met her elder sister who was also aware when I visited for census. Her assistant asked why we came.

She didn’t give us an audience. She said she is not available. Then her sister asked why we came. I told her and showed her the letter. She read and said that the fashion business is packed up and that her sister is now into the retail business. She also said that before COVID, she used to have six industrial machines with staff and trainees engaged in their work but now she is frustrated and things are not going as it seems with the fashion business so she had to fold up and that her business won’t be participating. The business owner didn’t even say a word to me.

We showed empathy and also thanked them for their time and left the firm.


Code: NG276

Oluwakemi Adepetu

After several calls since the last time the firm said they will get back to me after their meeting, I called in this morning and I got the shocker for the week. They declined, saying that after they had a visit from the tax office asking for their accounts and speaking with their investors, they were advised not to participate in the research. They also said that considering the fact that they are a new business and don’t have a structure in place, coupled with the fact that they are getting loans here and there to run the business, they won’t be interested at this time to participate in SFD diaries. I explained that the structure doesn’t matter and it is what we are interested in for SFD, but he said they would not be able to participate.


Code: NG721

Precious Ita

Just when I thought I was done with intake and account set up, a respondent that I had called and scheduled to meet with this week bluntly told me she has decided not to share her financial transactions with me. After all the high hopes. Sad.


Code: NG266

Oluwakemi Adepetu

Last week Wednesday, one of my respondents told me about her birthday happening the next day from when I visited. She also told me to come with gifts on my next visit. On my visit to her two days ago, I knew I was going to present her the SFD Booklet. As I was entering her store, I brought out the booklet and carried it like a plaque while chanting a birthday song with all eyes of her neighbors on us. Her apprentices sang along while I presented her the SFD booklet. She received it with joy and sent her prayers. We got down to business and I was impressed that their records were up to date except for the record of personal expenses. As I was rounding off, I went to meet the business owner to ask about her personal expenses then she laughed and replied that she can’t remember. I gave her a little time then I remembered I had another appointment so I walked up to where she was to ask her again. Guess what she said, “I am having a headache right now and I can’t seem to remember how I spent the money personally.” I replied saying, “But when the money entered your account and you were spending you didn’t have a headache but when it’s time to record the transactions you now have a headache.” She just started laughing and told me to come back today. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to her store as it was flooded due to the rain.

N.B: It’s tough getting the record of a firm’s personal transactions.