Senior Researchers on youth financial inclusion for a potential project with CGAP – Tanzania (1), Mozambique (1) and Ghana (1)

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Position: Senior Researcher

Location: Tanzania (1), Mozambique (1) and Ghana (1)

Category: Research and Development

Career Level: High-level (5-10 years of experience)

Employment Type: Contractual


About the project

L-IFT (Low Income Financial Transformation) is a Netherlands based Research Company that specializes in diaries research. L-IFT identifies misunderstood needs of low-income people through a unique research of repeat interviews which enables evidence driven decision making. L-IFT conducts research projects in various countries including Ethiopia, Togo, Ghana, Uganda, Myanmar, Nigeria, Indonesia, Kenya, Morocco, Senegal, and Rwanda. The company is increasingly focusing on self-reported data and empowering people to use their own data for their development as entrepreneurs or employees. It has developed an app called FINBIT that is being used by thousands of youths, women, refugees and other insufficiently understood groups.

We are seeking three Senior Researchers for Tanzania (1), Mozambique (1) and Ghana (1) for a potential project with CGAP on Market Research to Solve for Young Women’s Financial Inclusion.

For this potential project in two to three countries, we are looking for highly motivated, qualified, and capable professionals to fill the post of Senior Researcher, one for each country.


Job Description

Senior Researcher;

The role of a Senior Researcher is to lead and be responsible for implementing and analysing qualitative field research with young women using a range of innovative approaches that will be developed by L-IFT senior staff.

You could also contribute to data analysis, including quantitative data sets for your respective country.

You can see here the Terms of Reference.

Profile of an ideal candidate for senior researcher

  • Education level: At least Masters with a strong research orientation, PhD candidate or post PhD would be ideal.
  • Ability to work online in a larger team and both lead and follow.
  • Have strong affinity with financial inclusion, disadvantaged groups and ideally experience working with young women in your respective country.
  • Ability to work intensively in the field, within the weeks available and deliver according to tight deadlines.
  • Excellent analytical skills and written skills. 
  • Good understanding and familiarity with cultural and economic context of the country
  • Command of languages spoken in the respective country.    
  • Highly motivated, thorough, reliable and flexible.


How to Apply

To apply for this position, please complete the Job Application form on our website: (which strictly requires applicants to write their motivation for applying and upload their CV). Deadline for application is on 21 February 2024.


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