The Livelihood Security Struggle of a Young Boy by Gurmessa 03 February 2022

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I am sharing with you a short story of a young boy I observed today while I went to his home for my usual tasks. He is between the ages of 10 and 12.  He was very busy constructing a poultry house as shown below while I went to his home. His livelihood goal is to take part in poultry production so as to fulfill his financial needs like purchasing clothes, covering school expenses, and other needs as he said. To achieve this goal, he bought two chickens from the local market, and now, he is constructing a poultry house through his own initiative. He mixes clays with teff straws and water for thatching. The aspiration of this young boy is to build livelihood assets and I motivated him and advised his family to support him in constructing a better poultry house.

Video: The boy constructing a poultry house