Warehouse Storage by Ibrahim 03 Jan 2022

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One of my respondents is a farmer and a local trader. He produces malt barely during the summer season at Koma Kara Kebele. He owns a plot of land in which he produces other crops including bean, pea, sesame, and wheat. In addition to farming, he engages in trading activities. He buys malt barely from Koma Kara Kebele and some other Kebeles in the vicinity. He owns a storehouse at Meraro town, a town located 15 km away from Bekoji town. At his storehouse, he purchases agricultural products (primarily malt barely) and stores these crop items until they are transported to processors (like Asella Malt Factory) and/or to other buyers at other cities in Adama and Addis. The photos below clearly depict how he collects and keeps these crops at his warehouse. In the warehouse, we find a ‘Mizan’ (gauge) by which crops are measured and bought and sacks in which crops are collected in.