FEDU Field Researchers: Interview with Dennis Mallisa

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For the current and subsequent blog series titled “FEDU field researchers”, some of the FEDU field researcher share their field stories. The field researchers talk about their experiences in the field, skills gained, aspirations and what motivates them. For the … Continued

FEDU Field Stories: Biweekly Four

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19th November Its bi-weekly Four. Most of the FEDU respondents have now been interviewed four times over the past two months. It has been fascinating interacting the FEDU research respondents and following the progression of the relationship built between the … Continued

An interview with field researcher Elizabeth

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To get an insight into the individuals behind the FEDU project in eastern Uganda, after the first bi-weekly meeting in Mbale, I sat down with one of the field researchers Andera Elizabeth, or rather Liz as she prefers to be … Continued

FEDU Field Diaries: In the field at last

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27th September 2016 I’m delighted to finally be in the field. After what seemed like a long wait, I at last joined the Financial and Energy Diaries Uganda (FEDU) field researcher Elizabeth, as she went for a field visit. In … Continued

Story behind my internship at L-IFT

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Hello! I am Simon Yesho. I will be working as a research intern with L-IFT for the Financial and Energy Diaries Research Uganda (FEDU). For this blog I will provide a brief description of my background and motivation for taking … Continued

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