Meet one of our Field Researchers in Kiryandongo

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Dear Blog Readers,   A few days ago I received a blog written jointly by Frehiwot (our program assistant) and Bingo, one of our faithful long-term researchers in Kiryandongo refugee settlement. The blog introduces Bingo and sheds some light on … Continued

Are COVID-19 awareness campaigns working?

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In Uganda, there has been many efforts to raise awareness about COVID-19 to halt the spread of the virus. But, how much information has reached refugees about protecting themselves and others from the virus? And to what extent has false … Continued

Lives vs Livelihood: Refugees in Uganda – Part 3

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In the previous two articles (Lives vs Livelihood: Refugees in Uganda – Part 1 and Part 2), we discussed the effect of the lock-down on business and employment. This article will be about agricultural activities and whether there have been … Continued

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