Malt Barley Value Chain Stories

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Story of Global Conflict, the Price Hike of Fertilizer and the Future of Malt Barley Productivity at Koma Kara Kebele by Ibrahim 09 April 2022


Loan in the Light of Religious Views; The Case of Koma Kara Kebele by Ibrahim 12 March 2022


Loan and its Types of Repayment; The Case of Koma Kara Kebele by Ibrahim 10 March 2022


Respondent Using Biogas by Tekalign 09 March 2022


Renting of Farm Land: The Skyrocketing Cost That is Posing a Challenge for Smallholder Farmers by Ibrahim 05 March


Trans-Village Commercialization of Malt barley by Ibrahim 1 March 2022


A Cattle Market in Asella by Tekalign 21 February 2022


Collective Benefit: Farmers’ Foresighted Habit of Keeping Agricultural Crops at Traders’ Warehouses by Ibrahim 19 February 2022


Self-help Beyond “Edir” by Tekalign 19 February 2022


The Working Premise and Warehouse of a Respondent by Tekalign 13 February 2022


A Warehouse Owned by a Farmer and Trader in Meraro Town by Ibrahim 13 February 2022


Expected Price Increase by Tekalign 16 January 2022


Farmers Harvesting and Thresholding by Ibrahim 12 January 2022


A story of a Respondent With a Carpentry Business by Ibrahim 12 Jan 2022


Holiday Season Dynamics by Tekalign 12 Jan 2022


Warehouse Storage by Ibrahim 03 Jan 2022


The Compound of a Respondent 29 Dec 2021


Harvesting Activities in Koma Karra Kebele by Ibrahim 17 Dec 2021


Harvesting Activities in Dosha Kebele by Tekalign 17 Dec 2021


Respondents During Finbit Registration and Consent by Tekalign 12 Dec 2021


Equb by Tekalign 12 Nov 2021